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Monday, May 16, 2011

La Primavera


I have never seen this kind of pose with wagtails before. The left bird was defending his territory.

Stunning blue colours everywhere! :)

 Lots to plant! :P

Cute little bee 

They are so beautiful if you get really close! 

Bee looking through a hole.

My favourite - long-tailed tit :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Visit to the local zoo

Gorgeous Amur leopard! :)

Hello there little fella! :D Is that a watermelon your'e eating? :P

Oh my, what big paws you have :)

...and such lovely eyes too!

The pelicans thought they were in a spa and acted accordingly :D

Haha that looks like some bird from the age of the dinosaurs :D

Friday, May 6, 2011

Internet friends

Today's post is a little different than usually. I wanted to talk about some of my friends that I've found through the internet. And I can even say that one of them is one of my best friends even today.
I met him almost 10 years ago in one chat place. We started talking and found out that we have a lot in common. He is a very interesting guy and talking to him is never boring. He has a great sense of humour and is a great cook :) He lives in Estonia so yes, we have met ;)
Another friend that I met through the internet has also a great sense of humour (I guess I'm drawn to that! LOL) but I'm sad to say we don't talk as much as we did when we first met. We both lead busy lifestyles but still write on occasion. We have also met a couple of times, he lives in the UK and he came to visit me (twice) and we also had a holiday together with my hubby and his girlfriend in Italy years ago. Miss him a lot sometimes.

But this post is dedicated to Debbie from The Wug's Backyard who I met about a year and a half ago (if I remember correctly :D). She is always so supportive and funny and her blog is an excellent reading material! It will have you smiling for hours! :) She is also really good at crocheting and I have the privilege to own two of her scarves (I ordered one but she also sent me another pretty scarf for free :D) and one cute flower pin :)

Mine! All mine! :P

The reason why I am writing about this is because I'm so happy that I got a gift from her with Sunflower seeds :)

She also included a cute little thank you card :)

Might not seem much to most of you but it's the little things that make me happy and when you think about it: they are seeds now but wait until the grow and get BIG :D There will be so much to be happy about then!
We were talking about the seeds last year and I was asking if they still have those seeds in the shop and that I would like to order one pack. But they were all out. And now this spring her hubby remembered that I was interested in the seeds and went and bought me a pack and then Debbie sent it to me from the other side of the planet and didn't even ask me for money... I know it didn't cost a lot of money but still, these kinds of simple gestures are so nice and heartwarming :) So I just wanted to say thank you, Debbie, for being my friend and my seed supplier! :))

I will share some of the items that I love from her shop

This next scarf is really gorgeous!

You can find more about her from her blog and her Etsy shop!

Thank you, my internet friends, for making me smile each and every day! :)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Free desktop calendar for May 2011

Happy one year anniversary! :) It's been a year since I first started making these free desktop calendars.

I have pretty much continued on the path I took last month by tweaking the images a little more than usual. Hope you like this artistic style!

I've made 2 sizes that are most popular.

Size: normal (1600 x 1200 px) 4:3

Size: wide (1600 x 900 px) 16:9

You can download this wallpaper for free. You can also do some good and donate either $1 or $5 to help me keep these pictures coming. It's not much but it's your choice! Thank you! :)

Here's how you get this image to your desktop:
1. click on the image to enlarge
2. right click on the enlarged image and choose “Save Image As”
3. Browse your computer and choose a location to save image.
4. Click “Save”
To install the desktop calendar
once it has been downloaded to your computer,
locate the image(wherever you saved it)
Right click on the photo
“Set as desktop background”.


P.S. Comments are loved! :)
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