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Monday, May 9, 2011

Visit to the local zoo

Gorgeous Amur leopard! :)

Hello there little fella! :D Is that a watermelon your'e eating? :P

Oh my, what big paws you have :)

...and such lovely eyes too!

The pelicans thought they were in a spa and acted accordingly :D

Haha that looks like some bird from the age of the dinosaurs :D


  1. Wow! Marvelous photos. You captured the personality of the animals, not just a "basic photo." Delightful!

  2. Sel esimesel pelikanil on jube ilus valgus! Ja hahk on ka superilus kogu pilt, eriti veesärad ;)

  3. Thank you, Gina, I'm glad you enjoyed them! :)

  4. Valgus ei olnud ju tegelikult kiita, keskpäeva päike ikkagi. Aga need pelikani tiivasuled on nii kihvtid, siuksed pikad ja peenikesed. Ja hahal on väga ilus see oliiviroheline seal pea peal :)

  5. Ohhhhh Mariann!!!! These photos are gorgeous!! Especially the leopard, the tiger and the last shot of the duck! That's some great photo-taking there! :-)

  6. Haha that's so funny, because here I was thinking that there's really nothing special about these pictures but people seem to really like them! :D Thanks, Debs!

  7. Seems like it was a lovely day!!!
    Great shots!

  8. I love the tiger and paws shot. Great work.


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