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Saturday, April 4, 2009

I miss you!

Today is the anniversary of the birth of my dog Jossu. He would have been 17 today. He made it to the old age of 14 and a half which is more than most dogs live. I had to let him go 2,5 years ago and it still hurts but I don't want to make this a sad story because this is the day when he was born and the day that changed my life.
I remember the day when I turned 11, we went out for a drive, I didn't know where we were going. We pulled up to this house and went inside. There were two poodles, one black, the other white and little black puppies. They were soooo cute :) As it turned out I got a dog for my birthday! I was so happy and my puppy was the cutest thing I had ever seen. I remember when we drove home I had him inside my jacket to keep him warm, he was so tiny, little over 1,5 months old. I was so happy to receive such a surprise!

We named him Jossu, short from Joosep which is a common male name in Estonia. Jossu was very clever and learned many tricks very quickly.

The things he knew how to do:
* bark with a loud voice
* bark with a silent voice
* jump through the hoop and over fences
* of course sit, stand up, lay down
* give a paw (he was a lefty)
* give the other paw if he had already given the first one
* bring things, for example I gave him the newspaper and told him to give it to my grandpa who could have been at the other end of our garden
* give me a kiss on the cheek
* look for things
* and of course look cute :)

He was a very lucky dog because he had 4 homes and everyone loved him so much. In the winter we lived in the city but for the summer we went to Saaremaa and he got to enjoy life in the nature for 3 months every year. He loved those walks in the forest and made everyone smile.
Jossu was the sweetest dog ever, he never complained and loved all of us deeply.

I have so many photos of him and I didn't really want to choose so I decided not to upload them all here but to make a webpage just for Jossu with all of his pics. Well not all but still 39 pics.
Please visit Jossu's webpage to see them.
Thank you so much for looking!

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