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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Winter damage in the country

We had a looong and snowy winter this year, I think the max amount of snow at some point was 70cm (27 inches) so I guess it's only natural that when we arrived at our summer home last weekend we found a lot of broken trees.

Some of these lilacs are over 100 years old.

You can see how the trees have been bended by the huge amounts of heavy snow. So we decided to cut them down entirely.

I know it doesn't look good now but it will after the leaves come, the flowers start to bloom and after we reorganise the flower pads.

Some flowers are already blooming :)

This is not a UFO landing site LOL but these are my last years lilies that I got from a friend, they are gonna be soo pretty - red and yellow. And now I planted a new and hopefully a gorgeous orange Crocosmia to the middle :)

Lilies are peaking out

These are gorgeous pink Peonies.

Spring is great! :)


  1. Such beautiful signs of spring! Our daffodils and lilacs have come and gone...everything else is starting to bloom now. I'm sure everything will look so beautiful here once it flowers! Theresa

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful country no doubt.

  3. How sad about the trees! :-/ But thankfully there is always some pretty things growing somewhere...and if anybody knows how to photograph them it's you!!! I love the pictures!

  4. Thank you, Debbie, you are so kind :)


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