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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last weekends trip with hubby

Trips that are not planned are the greatest! :D I came up with this idea to visit the north east side of Estonia the day before. We started driving on Saturday morning and a few hours later arrived at a place which is known as the most lake filled area in Estonia :) You get the point ;) We ended up hiking for 3 hours and walked about 12km (7,5miles). The weather was nice, a bit windy though.

This is a tiny plant (less than half an inch tall) that grows only in wet areas and eats flies and mosquitos. You can see the mosquito in the next pic ;)

Light was not good for photography but took the pics anyway to show you where we went ;)

That's a man made hill in the background, we don't have big hills or mountains in Estonia.
We stayed the night at a beautiful manor. The room was lovely and we enjoyed our dinner at the restaurant! :)

There were lots and lots of birds in the park :) This is a fieldfare.

The view from our room! I wish I could wake up to this every day! :D

Our tasty dinner...

...and dessert ;)

A very smart and old cat! She came to the manor some 5 years ago and never left. I don't blame her, they feed and look after her and she gets to live like a queen sleeping all day at the comfy chairs :D She didn't even open her eyes when I petted her haha
The manor is located on top of the highest cliff around here, sadly we didn't see the cliff this time because on that area the trees have taken over...

And to end the story - not the manor cat but this cat had beautiful eyes :)

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. How beautiful, Mariann! I am fascinated with that tiny plant - how stunning it is. All the photos are gorgeous - not that I would expect anything different from you. :) Thank you for sharing your beautiful vacation. Theresa :)

  2. Thank you, Sue!
    Thank you, Theresa! :) Yes, those plants are amazing, if you want to read more then I found this article on them

  3. What a diversify and interesting serie of images! Love the macros ont op of the post ;)


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