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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring is finally here!!! vol1

Ahhh, I thought the winter would never end and yet here it is, the beautiful spring! :))) I'm going to show you some pictures I took while I was visiting my mum last week. I had such great time there and the weather was perfect.

This is my mum, we are both keen bird watching enthusiasts :)

The perfect camouflage for a bullfinch
It's so nice to see flowers blooming again!

Try not to choke while you eat...


Hellloooo little bug! :)

I love crocuses!
Especially the purple ones

Hellooo to you too, Scrapps! If you read my blog often you'll know that this is my mum's cute doggy :) Obviously she is not afraid of heights like I am :S

Look, what the beavers have done! :S

Lady chaffinch 

Great tit 

Starlings have already moved in! :) 

Not so good photos but I've never photographed bramblings before

Beautiful bird!

More to come tomorrow :)


  1. Spring is always beautiful and I love photographing it! :) Thanks, Debbie!

  2. Did you get my message earlier on my blog...about the seeds?!...DONE!! :-)

  3. Yayy, and no, sorry, haven't had the time to read your blog lately...but will go and look right now! :P

  4. Beautiful spring photos, Mariann. I love white crocuses. All our crocuses are done for the season now. We had the cutest little bees that only liked the white crocuses - their little bodies were COVERED in pollen. LOL All your bird photos are just amazing, too! Theresa

  5. Yes, crocuses are great and the bees are out, although somewhat sleepy still ;) Beautiful green grass is coming and new flowers start to bloom every day. I love the spring! :D Thanks, Theresa!


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