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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Coffee break

My husband just made me a nice cup of coffee. I don't drink coffee much but I enjoy it every time I do. Today's coffee somehow brought back nice and soft memories from my childhood. I remember being introduced to coffee when I was around 10, of course with half cup of milk and calf coffee at first. At one point a cup of coffee became a tradition every day in the summer to me and my grandparents. I have fond memories of the days when every day at 6 o'clock in the evening we would get together and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and some cookies or sweet bread rolls. I especially remember the days when the weather was excellent and we would sit outside our summer home and enjoy life. The cool breeze that brushed my hair, birds singing in every bush, beautiful nature and our own 100-year old house made it perfect. Even when the weather was fine and we decided to sit inside there was and excellent atmosphere. Imagine a big and old wooden house on a warm summer evening, three people sitting in the big kitchen, no lights are turned on, just the light from the three windows - this is what it was like. I wish I could somehow make you see what it was like but it felt like I was totally free and enjoyed my life to the fullest. I guess I am easy to please but I believe that the things that make you happy are usually the smallest of things.

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  1. o so very true. I can see what you described very well. I also enjoy a good cup of coffee (more cream than coffee..:-)) and it is the simple little moments that mean the most and last the longest


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