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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Only sunshine

Yes, we have seen nothing but the sun for already 4 days in a row now! :) I don't remember the last time this happened... Spring is finally here! There is still a bit snow and it's not so warm yet, about zero, but today I noticed that there are buds on the chestnut tree next to our home.

Last Sunday me and my hubby went for a drive on the eastern side of Tallinn and ended some 60 km from it. There are beautiful little fishing villages with pine trees and so many new people have built houses and moved in since our last visit. I like that the new trend seems to be to build a farm house type building. We have always had log houses with reed roofs in Estonia but there was a period where farm houses were out. Now people are building them again.

I knew that on a sunny day like this there would be lots of buzzards flying about looking for food. I was right. I think we saw totally 7 buzzards. Sadly though they were too clever for me as I tried to crawl and hide and take pictures. Of course it was quite impossible to walk quietly because all the fields were covered with snow that had a thick layer of ice on top and every time you stepped there was a loud noise... :S

So when the buzzards flew away I took some nature shots instead :P

When we came back I saw 4 foxes on different fields, too far away to start stalking. Also 5 roe deer. 4 of them were just 2 meters from a big road! That's bad that they don't fear the traffic at all. But I have trained my hubby well :) :P He immediately stopped the car when I pointed out the deer next to the road. He didn't know that I had already packed all of my gear away in my camera bag. I wasn't sad though because I got to see the roe deer from very close again and after we stopped the car there were others behind us, all admiring the animals and thankfully this frightened them by sending them off to the forest. I think we just might have saved 4 animal's lives!!!

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