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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Two cute fox kits!

Finally! I met 2 fox kits yesterday evening playing on a field and had a chance to photograph them. I was sure I would get closer than I did but they have grown so much after the last time I saw them and I guess their mom has taught them well to avoid humans. I have to try harder next time!
Oh and there was a big elk in the bushes too, didn't see him but could hear he was big when he ran away :)
There are so many hares around and one was thinking she could hide from me LOL

This is me watering the plants :D But isn't it beautiful?!

Thanks for looking! I will be away for a week or more now, am going to Norway tomorrow :) But hopefully will get a chance to log on every once and a while.


  1. Yes, fox are fascinating creatures and too smart to let humans get close. I do wish you'll be able to get a closer snap some time.

  2. I love your photos!!! Even when you're just watering the flowers it's beautiful!!! LOL The Fox and the Hare...hmmmm...sounds like a children's book I once read. Oh well,...nice photos of them too!!

  3. So beautiful, Mariann. I love the foxes and the bunny. Those images of the watered plants are so poetically beautiful. I just love your work so much. Have a wonderful trip! Theresa

  4. Thanks, Amila! Lately I have met foxes that are so preocupied with catching lunch that they don't care at all what happens around them :D And the little guys should be curious of humans not afraid, I have met almost grown up foxes that were reeeeealy curious and came 2 meters from me :)

    Thank you, Debbie, as always! :)))

    Thank you so much, Theresa! It's always good to know you have fans! :D

  5. Your photos are wonderful, thanks for sharing!!

  6. Love those little foxes- here is a link I found a while ago you might like.

  7. Beautiful images so nice to see fox's in the wild :)

  8. Thank you jguilddesigns, Q Smith and Philip! :)


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