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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring fox

I got the order of the images a bit mixed up, intentionally, so here are some pics about a fox that visited me on Saturday at 4 o'clock. But first some more pretty spring pics :)

The fox was once again coming to the field behind our house but this time I had my camera ;) He came again to about 10 meters. He saw me as I was just standing but the sun was shining in his eyes and he was more interested in listening the mice than figuring me out. I moved closer every time he wasn't looking. The light was really bad :( and there were lots of straws in the way. He didn't even think it was weird when I crouched down at one point...strange fella :)

After a while I got too brave and let him see myself stepping closer. That was it for our nice meeting and he disappeared into the woods.

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