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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Last year I discovered a place some 15 km from our home where there are lots of water birds nesting, mostly great crested grebe and coot.

I was excited to return to this lovely spot to get some more good pics. Their home is in a really idyllic place, next to a small town but isolated and on a small island that can be reached by car. They build their nests inside a really thick forest of reed, a safe haven by the sea.

The following pics are taken on Saturday evening. My husband had had a flu for days and I felt that it was finally getting up with me as my throat started to get sore. But it could have also been the lack of warm clothes that I didn't wear during the day as it was so warm outside. That didn't stop me though from visiting the birds :)

The golden light made it perfect but the trick was to get closer to the birds.

I was standing in the middle of the reed "forest". It's sooo thick, takes a lot of time and effort to get through and then there are still lots of reeds in the way. I was wearing my wellies and thought that I could step into the water to get closer to the birds but soon found out that's a mistake... I stepped on to what I thought was a somewhat solid ground but in fact there was mud underneath and I sunk in with one foot. I tried pulling my leg out but it didn't work :S My phone was in my car and I almost started panicing. Thankfully I got out by leaning on my other knee. There were a couple of coots closeby, they weren't disturbed by me but certainly had a funny look ;)

This is the mating dance of the great crested grebe, a real treat to watch and hear, sadly far away to photograph. But I will get closer someday, I promise! :)

As I returned home I was feeling really sick. My throat was acking badly and my voice was gone. Didn't get much sleep during the night also so naturally I didn't go to the forest the following morning.

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