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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Close enough

I was driving in the southern of Estonia one evening when I saw this roe deer come into a pasture. I stopped the car next to a forest after the field and walked back. The deer was slowly crossing a pasture with hay balls on it towards a wheat field. You never know with wild animals how they react to you and how good they can sense or smell you so I kept close to the edge of the pasture to blur my shape among the trees. The deer soon stepped into the wheat field and disappeared from view since the wheat was so tall. I could only see him when he lifted his head. I ran quickly but quietly to the other side of the pasture and stood by the wheat. Humans have a much larger footprint than deer so I hesitated to step into the wheat field at first, don't want to ruin other people's food source. The deer was totally oblivious to me so I thought that I wouldn't get a better opportunity to get closer and coughed a few times. He must have heard me but paid no attention at all. So I stepped into the wheat field and started walking slowly towards him.

When he lifted his head I stopped ( no matter what strange position I could have been in) and continued walking again when he feasted on the wheat. I was clearly visible in the yellow wheat but I noticed he was a young last year's calf so I was in luck - he didn't fear me. The wind was in a perfect direction and the sun was just ideally between soft clouds. There were so many horseflys that we both had a struggle getting them off.
At the end I was standing approx 10 meters from him when he finally decided that it's close enough :) I only noticed it's a he afterwards when I was looking at the pics from the camera, there were small dark circles were his horns will soon start to grow. If he was this cute as a youngster then I can't imagine what a handsome guy he will be next year! :)

This "wink" is so great that I think it would look really good as a postcard so if you have a custom text that you think would be good to put on this card just let me know and I would be happy to make the card for you!

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