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Thursday, August 20, 2009

End of summer SALES + FREE wallpapers!

Some of you might say: Is the summer ending already? I know what you mean, it always goes by too fast but luckily we still have some of it left and I'm hoping September will be a warm month :)
But just to send it off together I have some great offers for you!

15% off the price of all Framed and Canvas Prints for seven whole days!! Ends August 27.
And if that's not enough I am also offering you 3 FREE wallpapers to go with your new wall art! All you have to do is find the artwork that you like HERE and choose either a framed or a canvas print. The 15% has ALREADY BEEN TAKEN OFF, the price you see is freshly discounted.
To get the free wallpapers after you have purchased one of my prints just email me at photo [at] and let me know the name of the image you bought. You will then receive 3 excellent images from my Norway trip last year. Not many people have seen these images and you can be the first one to decorate your desktop with them :)
These are the images that you get for free.

Decorating your wall with photos is great fun! It really brightens the room and gives it atmosphere.

Don't miss out on this great offer!! See my images here!

I am actually not finished with the sales yet and have another one for you :)
30% off from all of my images in age fotostock!!! This offer ends August 31. You need to enter the promotion code wrapup before finishing the purchase.
Click on the banner below to see my images!


  1. The pics are really awesome..Are all those shot by you..??
    I'm interested to buy few few of them..will contact you soon.. :-)

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  2. Hi Jimmy! Apart from the ones that show my photos in different rooms, everything else is shot by me.


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