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Friday, August 14, 2009

Wild animals on every corner

Yesterday evening was a real treat. I saw 6 roe deer in 2 hours!
It had been a boring rainy day and at 8 in the evening it finally cleared so I headed to the woods. Immediately when I arrived to my favorite paddock there were 2 roe deer there, one male. As it is the time to mate right now the male was interested in the female who had disappeared to the forest so he followed her. After they had left I started crossing the field. Approximately in the middle of the field I turned around and saw 2 more coming to the field - a mother and a baby. I walked slowly towards them. It was dusk already so I set the ISO rating a bit higher but since my camera is really old already I knew I couldn't get a good pic. But I tried, they finally ran away and I was left with blurry images of jumping deer :S
I continued crossing the paddock, went through the wet woods and arrived at the big field. The fog was starting to form and there were some really nice dark clouds with white clouds in between. I stood there a bit and saw a fifth roe deer come to the field far far away. Took some snapshots of the clouds and fog and was already thinking of returning home when I saw the 6th deer come to the field not far away. It was really dark now already so no pics anymore without a tripod.
The road back home was through a dark forest.... brrrrr.


  1. hey..Kindly make the pics of kangaroos, ziraffes, zebras and giant pandas available..Those animals look really beautiful..

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  2. Hi Jimmy!
    I uploaded 9 new pics just for you so now you can find images of giraffes, zebras, kangaroos. I also uploaded a pic of a red panda and another one of a raccoon, don't have giant pandas since I haven't been able to visit a zoo yet who has them.


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