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Monday, September 27, 2010

All those cute little birdies :))

Spent the weekend in the country again :) No wild animals this time but lots and lots of cute little birdies!!! I'm gonna start off with this cutie - long-tailed tit. They are so much fun to watch with their cute little faces and loooong tails :D

In the middle of photographing them I saw some kind of a falcon up in the sky and had to quickly decide who I'm gonna shoot LOL Made the right call and stuck with my little ones ;) I mean, is there anything cuter than long-tailed tits? :) I wish one would sit on my shoulder all the time!!

How small can a bird's beak really be?? How can she eat with that?! LOL

Nice autumn colours ;)

This is also a small bird - jenny wren. I haven't seen one in my garden before. Loved that funny tail and the pretty song she sang :) Those poses are great too! :D

Now some of you know already that I have two ginkgo bilobas growing in my garden! :) I have been really obsessed with them lately and am so happy they love living in my garden! :) Ginkgos, also known as Maidenhair trees, are the oldest trees alive, living fossils you could say. You can read all about them from Wikipedia.

Don't those leaves have a stunning shape?

Some autumn colours from an apple tree too ;)

We were tiding out in our back yard and throwing away old and useless things when I found this! I think it's a deer or something...

I love calendulas! They are so bright and pretty! :)

Drum roll please!! This is our first parsnip that has grown into a decent vegetable! :D I feel really proud and a little sad to have to eat it LOL

Show-off, haha! ;)


  1. You have some great photograph-able things around your home too!! I love the little birds, the leaves, the calendulas and the radish!! Think of all of us staring at you when you eat it!!! LOL Thanks for sharing your photos too. Not showing off at all!!!

  2. Haha thanx Debs, I will keep the staring thing in mind then LOL!
    Btw, more interesting pics on my blog tomorrow ;)

  3. Oh those birdies are SO sweet! I want them. LOL I say this every time I see a furry or feathered cutie. There is so much beauty to be found in the fall. Love the photos of your veggies and the ginko leaves. Theresa

  4. I hear you, Theresa! I want them too!!! :D
    Thank you for the nice comment! :))


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