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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Free desktop calendar for October 2010

Here comes the free desktop calendar for October! And naturally it's the fly agaric which just looks so good in a green forest. We have had loads of mushrooms this year :)

Feel free to spread the word about this free desktop calendar! Thank you!

I've made 2 sizes so that the picture would fit to every monitor!
NEW: I have also created versions of european calendar where the week begins from Monday!

American version

Size: NORMAL (1362 x 1024 px)

Size: WIDE (1536 x 1024 px)

European version

Size: NORMAL (1362 x 1024 px)

Size: WIDE (1536 x 1024 px)

You can download this wallpaper for free. You can also do some good and donate either $1 or $5 to help me keep these pictures coming. It's not much but it's your choice! Thank you! :)

Here's how you get this image to your desktop:

1. click on the image to enlarge
2. right click on the enlarged image and choose “Save Image As”
3. Browse your computer and choose a location to save image.
4. Click “Save”

To install the desktop calendar
once it has been downloaded to your computer,
locate the image(wherever you saved it)
Right click on the photo
“Set as desktop background”.


P.S. Comments are loved! :)


  1. Oooo! It's beautiful!!! I love that color!!! Good job Mariann!!!...It ain't no "Pistachio", but it'll do!!! ^_^

  2. Just beautiful! And thank you so much, Mariann! :) Theresa

  3. Thank you both Debbie and Theresa! I'm glad you like it! :))

  4. Hi......)

    Nice blogg... good photos.

    Geir Jartveit


  5. Hi Geir! Thank you for a nice comment! :)


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