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Monday, September 27, 2010


I have been photographing a lot of hearts lately ;) And was thinking of opening a new shop in Etsy just for heart prints. What do you think?

These are rowan tree berries.

And the black berries are from a juniper :)

Lemons? No ;) Apples? No :) These are Chaenomeles fruits. See the Wikipedia for more.

These are wild grapes that have taken over one of our houses :S

Plums :) :P

For all the wine lovers out there ;)

So, do you think I should upload them to my existing Etsy shop or make a new one just for heart prints? Please comment :)


  1. Oleneb, kui palju sul neid on... Kas annab poemõõdu välja?

  2. No on ikka kogunenud aegade jooksul, kokku pole võtnud, et kui palju :P Arvan, et vähemalt 15 erinevat ikka.

  3. I'd say upload them to your current shop. Just put them in their own section or arrange your shop so that you see them all together. You can put them all on your front page at any time you want!!...They're very cute too, by the way! :-)

  4. I'm thinking that you should put them in their own section in your shop as well! I love them! I think you'll do well with them Mariann!

  5. Nice hearts.. I just wonder, hmmmm, who drank all that wine?? Especially like the wild grapes one. They should be a hit.

  6. Thank you Barb! Haha we did!! :D And that's just a fraction of wine corks we have in our basket ;)

  7. These are so lovely! I agree that you should keep everything in one shop - and just create shop sections. Excellent idea! Theresa


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