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Friday, February 25, 2011

Glorious light - Part 1

Last Friday I saw the most amazing sunset, the sun was HUGE and everything was orange-pink. I guess the sun seemed so big because of the cold but I don't know exactly what was the cause of it. So on Sunday I went to photograph swans and that magnificent sunset by the sea...which is obviously frozen. To stay warm the swans, I guess about 200-300 of them, keep swimming in one small area to leave the water open. People come to see and photograph them and leave them some food.

Thankfully most of the people now know that it isn't good to feed them white bread and they had scattered some sort of wheat products over the ice. The swans loved it.

The light was really glorious and I was just happy snapping away pics (took 422 pics total in that one hour :P). Don't worry, I made a strict cut and you will only see 47 of them ;) Will post the rest of them tomorrow as it would be too much for one post LOL

Saw this swan at the very last minute so I wasn't able to catch decent shots.

The water droplets looked especially good in this light :)

Frozen :S It was around -20C that day

More pics tomorrow with even better light so be sure to subscribe to my blog if you don't want to miss them. Just reminding you of the new option that I have on top of the page and on the right side now, it's Subscribe by email.

Thanks for watching! :)



  1. Love these! Especially the ones against the light and the one with water droplets on the feathers :D

  2. Thank you Silja, appreciate the comment a lot! :)

  3. Gorgeous photos Mariann! I love how you can see the water droplets so clearly in some of them. Isn't it amazing how the ducks get along so well with the swans? Around here, we can't get that close to the swans. They are too aggressive! But oh, so pretty to look at!
    Thanks for sharing them! I look forward to seeing the rest!

  4. Thank you, Cindy! I wonder why your swans are so aggressive. Not used to humans perhaps.

  5. WOW!!! They're beautiful shots!! I love all of the detail of water droplets, feathers, and in-flight flapping! :-)

  6. Swans are so beautiful that you would think that they would be easy to photograph, but "NOOOO". You certainly show us the difference between good pictures and great pictures. These were so good that it made me cold.

  7. Appreciate the wonderful comment, Jane! Send me a bill for the hot chocolate that will warm you up! LOL


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