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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Glorious light - Part 2

The rest of the swan and sunset images I took last Sunday. Hope you enjoy and be sure to have a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate while watching so that you wont feel cold ;)

 Frozen tale

 Loving this light!!

As I mentioned yesterday - the sun was HUGE!

There were also a couple of whooper swans

This is one of my favorite images :)

Thank you for viewing,



  1. They're beautiful Mariann!!! I love the first one with him shaking his head and the water flying off. You have a quick clicking camera to catch the water droplets so distinctly. Just beautiful!!! I also like one further down, with the goose treading across the ice and others landing in the background. Ohhh! So pretty! Wish we had that big sun here this morning!! :-) Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Thank you Debbie! I'm glad I was able to bring the sun into your room :) We don't have sunshine today but they promised it for tomorrow and it has gotten a little warmer so we might go hiking to one particular bog tomorrow, we'll see if I can convince hubby ;)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!! I wish I could photograph like that!! You must have an awesome camera! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful photos with us! I really enjoyed seeing them!

  4. Simply breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!! I am in love with your photos - the swan shots are amazing!!! It looks so chilly to say the least! Of course, I was glad to have my cup of coffee with my while I was looking at them! Brrrrrr....

  5. Gorgeous photos, Mariann! You have such an amazing gift. I love swans - they truly are so beautiful. Theresa

  6. Thank you, Theresa, I love swans too! :)

  7. Your canine commentator, Hello! :) Thank you so much for the comment! Your dog is so cute, will check out your blog now! :)


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