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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's cold!

I've spent too much time behind my computer lately and was getting so bored of it! So I was really happy when hubby invited me to a little trip to Riga (Latvia) on Friday. It was a quick business trip and we decided to spend the rest of the weekend with my mom in the country. Actually it's a pretty little town but it feels like being in the country.
I'll start from the beginning. This is what the weather looked like when we were driving to Riga.

I couldn't tell the difference between the ground and the sky.

Luckily the clouds cleared and we got to enjoy a sunny weekend. It has gotten really cold though, about -15C on Saturday and Sunday, -19C on Monday. Normally I hate going out in really cold temperatures like -20 or more but this time I finally realised that it's not cold when you have the right clothes! Took me long enough to understand it! LOL Nice long and thick pantyhose under the jeans did the trick ;)

Now, some of you might remember this cute dog.

She is my mom's dog Scrappy. REALLY playful and cute doggy! :D It doesn't matter what the temperature is outside, she still wants to go out and play in the snow!

Actually I think out of all the seasons she loves winter the most. She is originally from Spain so I guess this is exotic for her ;)

There's a river that runs next to my mom's house and because of the cold it was almost completely frozen.

Cute little bunny tracks everywhere! :)

Since Scrappy loves catching snow and ice so much I decided to do a photoshoot about her and try to capture her cheerful nature. Can you tell how much she loves this? :D

Look at the claws in this pic! :D
Cute paws!!

She really can go on and on and probably would NEVER get tired! :D Us humans are the ones that get bored easily. Maybe we should learn to be more childlike? :)

The light was great for catching the snow that was flying around her.

Cute tale in this one :P

Solid ice in the mouth! :D

Rub it in! Haha

Every once and awhile you have to strike a pose! ;)

After the play we headed back home to fill our bellies. My mom's hubby is a GREAT cook and here are pics of the wonderful meals we had at their place. :P

Can you see the heart shape in the smoke? :P

We had been driving around in the countryside during the weekend and had seen many foxes and roe deer but never really got an opportunity to get close. Why you ask? Well, I guess I somewhat explained it earlier that I've always thought that going out to photograph wildlife in winter would be too cold. So I haven't invested in clothes that would camouflage me in winter time and I had a bright red ski jacket on!! :D Laugh all you want, I'm laughing at myself too ;) Nature photographer! LOL

However I know that roe deer can let you come close even if you are in red :) The key is to walk quickly but quietly to get closer and stop whenever they lift their head and look around. When they see you walking it's all over. I didn't get really close but just decent enough to snap some pics.

This one was standing on a hay ball, trying to brake it with it's front feet.

Wheee! :D

Okay, so we still have LOTS of snow.

But look what hubby got me for Valentine's Day - Spring!! :D

Until next time :)



  1. Oh my goodness Mariann, I LOVE all your photos!! You are SOOOOOOOOO good at photograpy!!! That dog is one cutie petutie!!! I LOVE that last photo of him posing! Should be framed! I can't say enough how much I enjoyed this post! Brightened my day! Glad you had that nice breather and had so much fun too!

    btw....that food DID look delicious!

  2. Oh wow, Cindy, what compliments! Made my day! :D I'm glad you loved this post! Thank you! :D

  3. Mariann, Where do I begin?! I know...I'm going to begin with Scrappy! What a wonderful time you and him had! You with your camera, and him with the snow! Finally, someone who REALLY loves the snow!!..Your photo taking is just exquisite!! And that includes the animals and the flowers alike! Good job Miss Photographer Extraordinaire!! :-) Now, get some warm enough clothes so we can see even more of these beautiful photos in the winter time!! LOL Easy for me to say, right?! ^_^

  4. Haha I like to be called Miss Photographer Extraordinaire! :D I will think about getting better clothes for winter photography ;)
    Thanks Debbie! :)

  5. Wow, what wonderful pictures! I am so impressed with your talent! Thank you so much for stopping by Where In The World Are You Wednesday! We really appreciate you joining us! Looking forward to seeing more of your photos!=)

  6. Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting, Raphael and Dawn! :)

  7. Hello all,

    Wow! What are beautiful pictures. Really, i am so impressed with your talent. I want to eat that wonderful meals. Thanks a lot......

  8. Thank you for the nice comment, Roberto! :)

  9. These photos are brilliant!

    I loved how lonely everything looked in the snow. Except for the dog, who was obviously having the time of his life. A friend has a dog who is like that too. And the food! It was lovely how you caught the steam rising off it.

  10. Hello, Melody! Thank you so much for a wonderful comment! That dog is always having fun no matter what the weather is! :D

  11. Hello to you too Christine and thank you! :)

  12. What beautiful photographs! You certainly captured Scrappy's playful spirit. What a joyous romp she seemed to be having!

  13. Hello, BlacknickSculpture! She is indeed a very cute and playful dog who enjoys life :) Thank you!


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